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Superintendent of EducationInita OwenCO601-928-7247 ext 1101
Assistant to the SuperintendentRhonda BurtonCO601-928-7247 ext 1102
District Testing CoordinatorSandra ParsonsCO601-928-7247 ext 1103
Special Services DirectorAmy StampleyCO601-928-7247 ext 1107
Special Services AssistantSheri MorrisonCO601-928-7247 ext 1108
Director of Technology\eRate CoordinatorChuck McGeeCO601-928-7247 ext 1110
Accts Payable\Fixed AssetsTunya SealCO601-928-7247 ext 1116
Federal Programs BookkeeperGlynis WilliamsCO601-928-7247 ext 1105
ReceptionistDebra CarterCO601-928-7247 ext 1114
Child Nutrition AssistantEvonne AlexanderCO601-928-7247 ext 1111
Child Nutrition DirectorKevin ConardCO601-928-7247 ext 1112
District Business ManagerCassie HardyCO601-928-7247 ext 1118
Federal Programs DirectorTonya BoltonCO601-928-7247 ext 1104
District Insurance /BenefitsKatie Ratcliff CO601-928-7247 ext 1115
Payroll Manager/Retirement Teresa MiddletonCO601-928-7247 ext 1117
Personnel\MSIS DirectorDonna LeeCO601-928-7247 ext 1113
Central Office FaxCO601-928-5122
PES PrincipalRebecca PuckettPES601-928-3380 ext 4001
PES Asst. PrincipalColleen BrooksPES601-928-3380 ext 4002
PES BookkeeperMarja JohnsonPES601-928-3380 ext 4003
PES CounselorMyla MainPES601-928-3380 ext 4004
PES Lead TeacherColleen HickmanPES601-928-3380 ext 4009
PES LibraryMary StuartPES601-928-3380 ext 4007
PES NurseAbby CameronPES601-928-3380 ext 4006
PES ReceptionistPES601-928-3380 ext 4005
PES FaxPES601-928-6440
SES PrincipalKrista SablichSES601-928-5473 ext 5001
SES Asst. PrincipalSandy DanzeySES601-928-5473 ext 5002
SES BookkeeperPatricia JonesSES601-928-5473 ext 5007
SES Cafeteria Mgr.Daina CronleySES601-928-5473 ext 5009
SES CounselorLeesa KingSES601-928-5473 ext 5005
SES Lead Teacher Rebecca DannerSES601-928-5473 ext 5010
SES LibraryDianna WilliamsSES601-928-5473 ext 5003
SES Nurse Lauren HuntSES601-928-5473 ext 5008
SES ReceptionistDebbie McGeeSES601-928-5473 ext 5004
SES FaxSES601-928-9905
SHS PrincipalAdam StoneSHS601-928-5492 ext 2001
SHS Asst. PrincipalDanielle MillerSHS601-928-5492 ext 22003
SHS Asst. PrincipalNikki RobinsonSHS601-928-5492 ext 2002
SHS Allied Health Cathy HuntSHS601-928-5492 ext 2025
SHS Career & Technical DirectorDr. Barbara FowlerSHS601-928-5492 ext 2004
SHS ReceptionistDevin BondSHS601-928-5492 ext 2008
SHS AttendanceKem Saucier SHS601-928-5492 ext 2007
SHS Band Director Ida MitchellSHS601-928-5492 ext 2027
SHS Bookkeeper Eileen Williams SHS601-928-5492 ext 2005
SHS Boys BasketballTodd MillerSHS601-928-5492
SHS Cafeteria Mgr.Robin Eaton SHS601-928-5492 ext 2015
SHS Career Center Carol Rushing SHS601-928-5492 ext 2030
SHS Choir Jana Smith SHS601-928-5492 ext. 2029
SHS Counselor Brooke RosettiSHS601-928-5492 ext 2009
SHS CounselorUrsula WhiteheadSHS601-928-5492 ext 2010
SHS ForestrySHS601-928-5492
SHS Girls BasketballSam Smith SHS601-928-5492
SHS LibrarySheri White SHS601-928-5492 ext 2011
SHS MSISLea MorganSHS601-928-5492 ext 2006
SHS NurseAndrea FairleySHS601-928-5492 ext 2016
SHS STEMTonya Jackson-Hall SHS601-928-5492
SHS STEMJared DavisSHS601-928-5492
SHS FaxSHS601-928-6874
SMS PrincipalLance BolenSMS601-928-4876 3001
SMS Asst. Principal Tiffany FarmerSMS 601-928-4876 3002
SMS Asst. PrincipalJonathan StorySMS 601-928-4876 ext 3003
SMS ReceptionistJolene StricklandSMS601-928-4876 ext 3009
SMS Basketball Russel DubuissonSMS 601-928-4876
SMS BookkeeperRuth Taylor SMS 601-928-4876 ext 3007
SMS Cafeteria Mgr.Lanette Freeman SMS 601-928-4876 ext 3013
SMS ChoirJana Smith SMS 601-928-4876
SMS Counselor Allison RogersSMS 601-928-4876 ext 3008
SMS Library Gay BartonSMS 601-928-4876 ext 3011
SMS MSIS LaShawn Harris SMS 601-928-4876 ext 3005
SMS NurseAndrea Fairley SMS 601-928-4876 ext 3004
SMS Parent CenterJean OwensSMS 601-928-4876
SMS AfterschoolSandy DanzeySMS601-928-4876 ext 3010 OR 601-528-5234
SMS SecretaryDebbie Lich SMS 601-928-4876 ext 3006
SMS FaxSMS601-928-6440
Stone Education Center PrincipalGreg Amacker SEC 601-928-3572 ext 6001
Stone Education Center Receptionist Judy McQueenSEC 601-928-3573/3572 ext 6002
SEC Fax (Alternative School)SES601-928-3574
Transportation\Maintenance DirectorMike Parker CO601-928-4528
Transportation\Maint. Fax601-928-6876